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When we first heard about GoCardUSA we were skeptical about how effective it could be.  The cards are available for several major areas and allow admission to many attractions for one price.  Cards can be purchased for differing durations.  When we traveled to California in March 2008 we decided to give GoCard a try. 

We were thrilled at how easy they were to use!  We did not experience any problems with entry to any attraction.   And we were even happier with the money savings.  With our three day card we saved $40 per person on admission to activities.   Besides free admission, GoCard also offered some discounted admissions and discounts at restaurants. 

My suggestion is to look at the list of activities available in the city you are planning to travel to, look at the admission costs of those you plan to go to then see if there will be a savings.  Figure in the convenience of having one card instead of paying individually at each attraction.  Also, the card comes with a nice, pocket size color travel guide for the area.  We found it to be very helpful. 




VISIT OUR OTHER SITES: is dedicated to providing reviews and information aimed at families.  The reviews are primarily travel based;  such as hotels, restaurants and activities.  We have a variety of activities depending upon the state requested;  from historical to theme parks and everything in between.  Each state also includes an information page.  This  page displays fun facts about each state.   Each state also includes a listing of Kids Eat Free (or at a discount) restaurants.  Our database is continually growing and changing.