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Please be sure to call and verify times and rates as they are subject to changeLouisiana Free Activities List


1 Canal St, New Orleans    800.774.7394
COST:  $22.50 Adult / $16 Child (2 - 12 yrs) / $17 Senior (65+)
HOURS:  Tues - Sun 10a - 5p
Definitely one of the best aquariums we have been to.  Lots of interactive exhibits including Adventure Island, a hands-on playzone.  Touch cownose rays or baby sharks.  See the penguins and sea lions during feeding time.  Walk through the Caribbean Reef which is a 30 foot long tunnel where you are surrounded by sea life....just beautiful!
FAMILY FRIENDLY PROS-  There was enough to keep the kids busy for quite awhile. 
FAMILY FRIENDLY CONS-  Quite pricey for a large family.  Paid parking.

324 Canal St., New Orleans     800.774.7394

COST:  $16.50 Adult / $12 Child (2 - 12 yrs) / $13 Senior (65+)
HOURS:  Tues - Sun 10a - 5p
Everything you would ever want to know about bugs....and more!  Even the squeamish bug-hater in your family might enjoy this fun museum.  From the time you walk through the doors, you are up close and personal with the work of insects.  One of the kids' favorite areas is the Underground where you get to experience the world from an insect's point-of-view.  Adults and kids alike will enjoy the beauty of the Japanese Butterfly Garden.  There is a snack bar onsite.
FAMILY FRIENDLY PROS-  Fun for kids of a variety of ages, and parents enjoy it too!  Educational in a way that appeals to kids. 
FAMILY FRIENDLY CONS-  No on-site parking so you have to pay for parking.

6500 Magazine St, New Orleans    800.774.7394
COST:  $17.50 Adult / $12 Child (2 - 12 yrs) / $13 Senior (65+)
HOURS:  Tues - Sun 10a - 5p
Full service zoo with a great variety of animals.  Includes a Louisiana Swamp exhibit with alligators;  very interesting.  The Dragon's Lair with Komodo Dragons also kept the kids occupied for awhile.  For an additional fee there is a rock climbing wall, carousel, safari simulator ride and swamp train.  Wagon and stroller rentals are available.
FAMILY FRIENDLY PROS-  The mini petting zoo and great variety of animals kept the kids very happy.

Family Friendly Travel Tip:
Older children can use time in the car or airplane to learn a new craft.  There are some great books about learning to knit, crochet and cross-stitch.  Your child will be occupied and have a sense of accomplishment when they have completed a project by the end of the journey.


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