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Please be sure to call and verify times and rates as they are subject to changeMichigan Free Activities List


701 Maritime Drive, Ludington  800.841.4243 
COST:  Passenger fee-  1 way:  $69 Adult /  $62 Age 65 and over / $24 Age 5 - 15 / Free for Under 5     Round Trip:  $121 Adult /  $109 Age 65 and over / $39 Age 5 - 15 / Free for Under 5
HOURS:  Call for crossing schedule
Whether you are planning a vacation in Wisconsin or just want to take a day trip, the SS Badger is a great way to cross Lake Michigan.  The ferry is large and fun to explore.  There is a Kidsport Play Room for little ones to color, climb soft climbing toys, and watch children's movies.    There is also a video arcade.    There is a restaurant.  If you want a place to relax during the four hour crossing there are plenty of seating areas or you can rent a stateroom for $39 each way or $69 round trip.  We found that to be a great place to let the children take a little rest.   Remember it is cooler out on the water so be sure to bring a jacket.
FAMILY FRIENDLY PROS- There are several things for the kids to do once they have tired of the original excitement of being on board the ferry.  My children particularly enjoyed watching the cars as they were unloaded at the new dock.
FAMILY FRIENDLY CONS-  Though the boat is large and doesn't move a lot, there is a chance of sea sickness.

Family Friendly Travel Tip:
Get each child a small notebook and have them prepare a passport before leaving on vacation.  Designate 2 pages for each state.  They could write details about the state (such as population, capital, state bird, etc),  research attractions and draw the state flag.   As you pass through each state "stamp" or write the date on the appropriate page.  They can add extra details that they learn along the journey.


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