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Please be sure to call and verify times and rates as they are subject to changeMississippi Free Activities List


111 Magnolia St, Belzoni    662.247.4838

HOURS:  Mon- Fri 9a - 5p
Learn all you ever wanted to know about the farm-raised catfish industry.  Be sure to walk around the neat sculptures located outside the museum.
FAMILY FRIENDLY PROS-  They thought the sculptures were really neat. 
FAMILY FRIENDLY CONS-  It won't take long for the little ones (especially) to tire of the exhibits.  It doesn't take long to get through.

Corner of Union and Center Streets, Canton    601.859.1307
COST:  $6 Adult / $3 Student (K - college) / $5 Seniors
HOURS:  Mon - Fri 9a - 4p, Sat 10a - 2p
Canton is the filming location for several movies and has put together museums devoted to the sets and memorabilia of those movies taped there.  Guided tours are available;  very interesting to hear all of the details.
FAMILY FRIENDLY PROS-  The kids (older and younger) thought it was really awesome to see the sets even for movies they didn't know. 
FAMILY FRIENDLY CONS-  Little ones lost interest quickly.

Family Friendly Travel Tip:
Older children can use time in the car or airplane to learn a new craft.  There are some great books about learning to knit, crochet and cross-stitch.  Your child will be occupied and have a sense of accomplishment when they have completed a project by the end of the journey.


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