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New Mexico Free Activities List

We are currently seeking a review family in Oregon.

Review families are required to complete 12 reviews for their area.  The reviews should be of family activities or hotels (restaurants are accepted on a case-by-case basis).  Review families receive a $20 gift card as compensation for their time.

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Could your family provide 12 reviews for family activities or locations in your state?       YES     NO

Or would some of your reviews be for another state?   YES     NO

Do you have any photos you could provide to accompany your reviews (this is not required but is helpful)?  YES     NO

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Family Friendly Travel Tip:
Older children can use time in the car or airplane to learn a new craft.  There are some great books about learning to knit, crochet and cross-stitch.  Your child will be occupied and have a sense of accomplishment when they have completed a project by the end of the journey.


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VISIT OUR OTHER SITES: is dedicated to providing reviews and information aimed at families.  The reviews are primarily travel based;  such as hotels, restaurants and activities.  We have a variety of activities depending upon the state requested;  from historical to theme parks and everything in between.  Each state also includes an information page.  This  page displays fun facts about each state.   Each state also includes a listing of Kids Eat Free (or at a discount) restaurants.  Our database is continually growing and changing.