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Washington Free Activities List

Pacific Avenue, Bremerton

COST:  Free
On a warm day, bring the kids over to Bremerton to visit beautiful Harborside Fountain Park.  The new park runs along side Pacific Avenue downtown Bremerton with cascading rivers, gorgeous granite sculptures, and amazing fountains!  It's also a history museum with relics from a decommissioned navy ship and submarine.  Bring an extra set of clothes for the kids, or their swimwear, because this fountain park is wet!  Designed by the creators of the Bellagio's fountains in Las Vegas, towering "volcanoes" erupt periodically into wading pools.  And the "playground equipment" surrounding the pools is entirely made of polished granite rocks (which feel awesome to sit on after being warmed in the sun!).  The park is completely free, and has restrooms near the wading pools.  You can bring a picnic lunch and use the tables around the park, or go to nearby restaurants.  If you're coming from Seattle, don't bother bringing your car on the ferry -- just walk right off and into the park.  There is construction on Pacific Avenue and detours in downtown Bremerton right now, so if you bring your car, you'll need to be creative with parking. 
FAMILY FRIENDLY PROS-  Free Family Fun!  Great to keep kids cool on a hot day.  Restrooms conveniently located nearby. 
FAMILY FRIENDLY CONS-  Limited parking.

Jackson Ave just north of Lund Ave in South Kitsap Regional Park, Port Orchard 

HOURS:  April - October:  Every other weekend 10 am - 4 pm
COST:  Free;  Donations Appreciated!
If your little guys and girls are into trains, this is a great day trip!  The Kitsap Live Steamers operate a fleet of small scale trains that can carry dozens of kids and parents (on bench-like seats) through an enchanting forest.  The rides are free, but donations are accepted.  The trains are truly life-like, with a steam engine, diesel engine, and several other models.  Along with donations, the group earns money through the sale of fun souvenirs, books, and snacks.  The Kitsap Live Steamers are always present at Tacoma's Model Train show in December, and are wonderful enthusiasts that will talk trains with you and your kids as long as you like!  The trains are located in the South Kitsap Regional Park which also offers a fun playground and large field for picnicking.  Learn more about the trains at
FAMILY FRIENDLY PROS-  Inexpensive fun for the family.   Friendly staff loves to share info on the trains.

4520 River Rd., Tacoma  
COST:  Check website for cost
HOURS:  Monday - Sunday 10 am - 6 pm
Terry's Berries is a hands-on, get-yourself-dirty, outdoor experience for your kids.  And it's not just a berry patch.  This organic farm raises vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, chickens, and of course, pumpkins for the fall.  We took a group of 7 kids (all under 5 years old) and their moms to the farm and enjoyed a guided tour.  The kids took a hayride through the farm, picked apples from the orchard trees, fed the chickens, dug up potatoes, and picked out a pumpkin at the end.  It's a wonderful place for the kids to run, play, and learn about farming. The farm staff encouraged the kids to have fun and get dirty -- but they do warn them that the mud puddles are known to eat little boots. Very family friendly with a very fun staff of farmers.

For guided tours of 15-20 people, the cost is $7 per child and that includes the produce the children gather.  If you want to make it a year-round family affair, you can "share-crop" and help raise and harvest fresh organic produce for your family. 

The location is convenient, just a few miles from downtown Tacoma.  Parking is limited, so carpool if you can.  During the week, the farm is busy with school tours, so be sure to reserve your tour early.
FAMILY FRIENDLY PROS-   The staff is child friendly and the tour is informative and great even for young children.  The price is reasonable considering the tour and the ability to keep the produce.
FAMILY FRIENDLY CONS-  Parking is limited.  The farm is busy during the weekdays so reserve a tour in advance.


Family Friendly Travel Tip:
Older children can use time in the car or airplane to learn a new craft.  There are some great books about learning to knit, crochet and cross-stitch.  Your child will be occupied and have a sense of accomplishment when they have completed a project by the end of the journey.


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